Native Java JDK vs. Linux Java JDK via emulation

Jonathan Chen jonc at
Wed Dec 8 20:51:05 PST 2004

On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 06:56:46PM -0800, Tabor Kelly wrote:

> What is the difference between the Native Java JDK (java/jdk14), and the 
> linux one (java/linux-sun-jdk14), besides the obvious fact that 
> java/linux-sun-jdk14 is officially sanctioned by Sun?

The native version works a lot better than the Linux version under
FreeBSD. Quite a few of the bigger Java projects will fail to run
correctly on the Linux version.

> Also, if java/jdk14 is a native binary build of Java, why does it 
> require java/linux-sun-jdk14?

The build of the native jdk14 requires a boot-strap Java-compiler, the
one most readily available being the linux-sun-jdk14 version. Once the
Native JDK14 is installed the Linux one can be removed. Updates to the
native JDK can use the installed Native JDK as its boot-strap compiler.

> Finally, a more general question: why do ports require specific versions 
> of java? For example: The OpenOffice port requires java/jdk-1.4.2p6_7, 
> shouldn't any vendor's copy of version 1.4 of the JDK work?

You'll have to ask the OpenOffice maintainers about this one.
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