intermittent ath0

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Wed Dec 8 04:37:44 PST 2004

scott renna wrote:
> I've been running 5.3 for a little bit now using a
> d-link g520 wireless card(ath0) and using a netgear
> 802.11b router.  I've noticed a problem with
> intermittancy.  My system seems to have issues
> maintaining steady data flow for long periods of time.
>  I just noticed my system is unresponsive again so i
> stuck a head on it.
> when i try to ping my gateway I get the message:
> ping: sendto: No buffer space available
>  I thought maybe using Windows drivers would fix this
> issue as my wireless windows laptop has no problems.  
> has anyone else run across this situation?

I posted last week similar observation. My atheros based pccard only 
works if inserted on boot, or at least before starting any memory heavy 
applications such as Mozilla and OpenOffice, while XEmacs is no problem.
If I insert the card after I have started Mozilla, I need to reboot to 
bring it up.

I have also observed the "No buffer space available" error.

It appears that the card needs a reserved continuous chunk of memory to 
work properly. As you use your laptop, some apps fragment the memory.

I have also experienced that if the card has been idle for a while it 
sort of disconnects. Using arping I can get things up again, but not 
with a simple ping?

I don't think usin NDIS will solve the problem. AFAIK NDIS is for use 
when everything else fails or a driver is not available.

Cheers, Erik

BTW, I'm on 6.0 but I don't think this makes any difference.
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