ServRAID 5i and DLT

Alexandre Vasconcelos alexandre at
Wed Dec 1 03:27:38 PST 2004

Peter Risdon wrote:

>> But it don't recognize any tapes, there's no "nsa?" output on dmesg,
> There wouldn't be, AFAIK that's normal, the nsa* devices are no-rewind 
> versions of the sa* devices. Is an sa0 device shown? I'd try a:
> cat /var/run/dmesg.boot | grep sa0

Shame on me, I've tried that, it was a typo :)

> although that will show up some stuff you're not interested in, such as 
> isa devices.
> If there's no sa0 device, you've got a problem, I guess. If there is, 
> then nsa0 should show up in /dev but not in your dmesg. You don't say 
> whether you have any sa or nsa devices in /dev but that would be 
> interesting.

I've posted this on freebsd-scsi and Scott Long said that this adapter 
doesn't have support to DLT tapes, so I got another adaptec card to make 
it work, everything is fine now.


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