Data Storage Plan?

Ajitesh K servit at
Fri Apr 30 13:59:13 PDT 2004

Hi Friend

Does any one have Company-wide (LAN) Data Storage Plan?

My requirement are
PC Users: 50
Users OS:  Win 3.1, Win 9x, Win Pro2000, Win XP, Lindows, FreeBSD

My plan is to take weekly backup of 15 PCs as well as company data
store/file such as Finance/Accounts spreadsheets, Administrator/HR
documents,  Engineering's drawings, machinist's programs etc.

I know only one thing that ......
Data Storage Server OS: FreeBSD
Security Issues: How to Authenticate different users? (Need Ideas)

Please give suggestion which application to use......... like, shell I
install/set FTP server, HTTP server, SAMBA, etc.
What kind of hardware to use?
    RAID: ???
    IDE HDD: ??? (Is 200 GB enough)
    Backup Tape: ??? (Tape / ZIP drive)
    Motherboard: ???
    CPU: ???
    CD RW: ??? (Needed)

Help me in visualizing my data storage server. Thanks in Advance.

With Regards

Ajitesh K

MIS Programmer
U.S. Aeroteam, Inc
One Edmund St,
Dayton, OH 45404

servit at

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