two domain names - one IP - both SSL

Remko Lodder remko at
Fri Apr 30 13:09:40 PDT 2004


> Your HTTP client is broken and isn't checking SSL certificates
> correctly? Or you didn't meet the "one IP" requirement of the original
> poster. Or you served up the same SSL certificate for every vhost.

Well it's not a real cert. indeed, i cannot afford that, and true, it's 
the same certificate for every vhost i used.

> HTTPS establishes an SSL connection with the server prior to _any_ HTTP
> conversation. Since SSL requires a certificate which is linked to the
> server host name, and the virtual host name hasn't been transmitted by
> the client yet, there's no way short of ESP for the server to tell which
> SSL certificate to use. There's a detailed explanation on the apache
> website; but this isn't an apache failing so much as a general issue
> with HTTP/SSL.

Well, i keep wondering then how i got my secure webmail online, secure 
ids viewing etc. (different hostnames on the same ip adres, (i only have 
one ip addr)).



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