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Joshua Lokken joshua at
Fri Apr 30 11:07:49 PDT 2004

* Jason Suplizio <suplizio at> [2004-04-28 21:25]:
> Hi!
> Thanks for the response Sergey, but I only tried to start it when the
> service didn't start as configured in inetd.
> So, I couldn't get it to run in standalone (with the entry #commented out in
> inetd) and on other attempts couldn't get it to start as an inetd service,
> I spent a good 10 hours on this, finally deinstalled and now i'm trying to
> use ncftpd. Wish me luck, I'm reading about ephemeral ports....
After a reboot, what does the output of 'sockstat -l4' give?


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OJ! Morphine! Lobo!
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