[ti(4)] firmware source

Sebastien Raveau raveau_s at epita.fr
Fri Apr 30 07:19:23 PDT 2004


I am currently working on a modified firmware for the Tigon2 chipset,
under FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE.
I first tried with the "official" Alteon firmware source version 12.4.13
(the last one) in vain, then saw in the src/sys/pci/if_ti.c changelog,
that you are in fact using a _modified_ version of 12.4.11 :

ti_fw2.h:	12.4.11 firmware, plus selected fixes from 12.4.13,
		and my header splitting patches.  Revision 12.4.13
		doesn't handle 10/100 negotiation properly.  (This
		firmware is the same as what was in the tree previously,
		with the addition of header splitting support.)

So I tried anyways with standard Alteon firmware source version 12.4.11,
but it didn't work, just as with 12.4.13. I get this sort of console
messages whenever I try to use the network (tune ifconfig, ping a machine,
start sshd, etc...):

ti0: watchdog timeout -- resetting
ti0: loading firmware

sometimes repeatedly.

I am not yelling as if it were a bug, because it's my fault : i personnaly
modified the kernel. No, I'm asking you if you please could send me the
tigon2 firmware source you guys are using to generate src/sys/pci/ti_fw2.h
and if possible, the genfw.c tool which does generate it, since i warily
use a similar script (genfw.pl) originally made for Red Hat, which I
ported to FreeBSD.

Thank you

Sebastien Raveau
sebastien.raveau at epita.fr
Systems, Networks & Security Laboratory of EPITA

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