BIND problem

Peter Risdon peter at
Fri Apr 30 03:27:20 PDT 2004

Alper Yurdakul wrote:

> OK. I changed the IP values to but problem remained the 
> same..
> Still resolving some URLs, but not all (, 
>, etc)..

Your name server does resolve and but not or Sounds like a feature rather than a bug.

More seriously, it's worth eliminating the possibility that this is a 
problem with your forwarders. Try dig @[forwarder]

They're probably OK, but until you do this you don't really know which 
machine has the problem.

> My connection is via satellite. Can there be a delay related problem 
> for some of these sites ?

There's higher latency on satellite connections. If queries are timing 
out rather than failing, it could be an issue.


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