Traceback on 5.

Lewis Thompson lewiz at
Thu Apr 29 18:14:01 PDT 2004


I'm attempting to get a kernel dump on my 5.2.1-p5 machine.  In
/etc/rc.conf I have:

dumpdir="/usr/crash" # /var/crash not big enough

and loader.conf has:


  The panic occurs before rc starts and I get the panic details on the
console but I am not told about any stuff being written anywhere.  On
reboot (with the problematic hardware removed) I receive the message
that no dumps were found.

  It's pretty much a GENERIC-kernel only I enabled DEBUG=-g.

  Any idea what I'm doing wrong?  I've not found the handbook very
helpful on this issue (it seems to be aimed at RELENG_4).  Thanks a lot,


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