failed php4 install...can't figure this one out

Jason Williams jwilliams at
Thu Apr 29 14:27:19 PDT 2004

Well, didn't intend my post to cause such a spark. :)
But let me explain as I can.

Am I a guru to FreeBSD? No. Do I strive to? Absolutely. A big part of me 
likes to ask a lot of questions because I like to learn as much as I can. 
There is a difference between knowing something and being able to work with 
a product. The more knowledgeable you are, the better you will be. I try to 
learn everything.

>No, thank you, I didn't intended to sound that way. Jason, Dick and
>everyone else, please excuse me if that is what it look like.

I dont mind at all. Hey, if I ask a really stupid question, by all means, 
rip me to shreds. It will not only make me, but other people think twice 
about asking a 'easy' question on the list. Everyone probably gets tired of 
seeing really easy questions posted on this list that can easily be 
answered by reading the FreeBSD handbook or man pages for the matter. S

I'm a big advocate for learning on your own. But there are times when you 
can not...i probably could have dug deeper into this and should have 
honestly. I was hasty in posting my question.

> > >
> >
> > Read it before.
>I did,  I like it.

I re-read it myself actually. Good web site. Good insight as well.

>And I thought that list is supposed to get people to FreeBSD :-)

Im still here. :)

just wanted to explain my side of the ball here as well. If im out of line 
here, it's not on purpose.



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