from newbies: bzflag under FreeBSD release 5.2.1 - can't open display - missing

clayton rollins crollins666 at
Thu Apr 29 13:40:54 PDT 2004

On April 28, 2004,
             Dominic Caffey <dcaffey_fl at> wrote:
>Dear FreeBSD Newbies,
>    I installed the game "bzflag" from the
>packages collection under games.  The install
>went fine but when I try to run "bzflag" it
>complains that it can't open display 0:0 and
>complains that it's missing GLX extension.  When
>I installed "bzflag" shouldn't the dependencies
>have been automagically resolved?  I've got
>Xwindows running without problems and am using
>the VESA driver.  I'm using the i386 release of
>ver 5.2.1.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Dominic,

Generally, all technical support questions should go
to freebsd-questions and all answers must be sent
there. (Any follow-up posts should be CC'ed to you,
so you shouldn't need to subscribe.)

Being a newbie myself, I can't give too much help, but
can maybe give you some ideas. (And get this on the
proper list.)

As far as I can tell, GLX is an X module. Here it seems
to be loaded during X startup, given the line:
        Load  "glx"
in my XF86Config. The vesa and XF86Config man
pages make no special mention of the glx module not
being suitable.

If that line is in your XF86Config, you might also
confirm that libglx.a exists in

If all that seems proper, you might also check
/var/log/XFree86.0.log to see if any errors are printed
during X startup (when the module is loaded).

Well, that's the extent of the help I can offer. (Others
will probably chime in to correct me and to offer some

To note, bzflag seems to work here (4.9-RELEASE-p2;
cvsup'ed on Fri Feb 27.)

Aside, yes ports *should* automatically set up all
dependencies. If my assumption (that glx is simply
not loaded) is correct, I don't know what the port
could/should do to assure this. The port maintainer
should be made aware, though (again, only if I'm

Clayton Rollins

PS. Sorry about the snipped subject line (hotmail

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