mod php 4 and apache13-ssl

white vamp whitevamp47 at
Thu Apr 29 00:59:25 PDT 2004

maby some one can awnser this 4 me i have been try and trying to figure this 
out for a week now and have been unsecsesful at it ...
i have apache13-ssl and i have php 4X installed but when i goto load apace 
with the mod php4 so it just refuses to load but if i ( # hash ) it out of 
the apache conf file it loads just fine then i un hash modphp4 then restart 
apache itll run just fine with php4 enable .. and theres nuthing in the 
httpd error logs ethere
no errors or warnings on the cammand line
and it dose this weathere i use apachectl startssl or apachectl start
or if i use
httpd start

and thx inadvance for the help

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