help configuring OpenGL

Alastair G. Hogge agh at
Thu Apr 29 00:17:12 PDT 2004

On Thursday, 29 April 2004 12:55, Earl Larsen wrote:
> I checked to see if OpenGL was set  correctly by running "glxinfo | grep
> direct". And the output came out as fallows:
> direct rendering: No
> OpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect
> I have DRI installed and have an ATI radeon agp vedio card. I am running
> FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE. I have agp_load="yes" in loader.conf. And the
> fallowing is my XF86Config file:

[snip XF86Config]

Are you loading the kernel radeon.ko driver?
Not sure on a 4.9 system but try "cd /boot/modules; kldload radeon.ko"
/boot/modules may be /modules


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