Installing RAID question.

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> Yes, this is a well known problem -- it's not just adding new RAID
> controllers that can cause it.  Even something as simple as plugging
> in a USB disk before booting can cause the 'da0' device to be
> usurped. In order to prevent it, you can "wire down" your current
> root drive to be da0 in your kernel configuration -- see the section
> "SCSI DEVICE CONFIGURATION" in LINT for details.  Something like
> this should do the trick:
>     device scbus0 at ahc0
>     device da0 at scbus0 target 0 unit 0

I wonder, can the same be done for IDE? For instance, I have a
test-environment where I boot from the second IDE port (via BIOS). For
WinXP, and such, this is never a problem. But doing so on FreeBSD 4.9R
proved problematic. I got a kernel panic, saying it could not boot off
/dev/ad0s1a in fstab (drive had become /dev/ad1s1a). So, I was wondering
whether I could perhaps "wire down" IDE assignments in a similar fashion.


- Mark

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