Permissions and other questions..

Killermink ! killermink at
Wed Apr 28 15:41:30 PDT 2004

These may be immensly stupid questions, but here goes anyway, I have put 
them all into one mail as I don't think they singularily deserve a whole 

1) Is it desirable and how do you enable certain processes to be run in a 
user account?

Here is why, I am the only user of my machine and while I realise the 
importance of root, if i want to mount a cd I always have to su.  This is 
the same for other processes such as ifconfig.  As the only user I don't 
want to have to su all the time to do simple things, and as not being used 
to it, I sometimes forget I have done so and do things undesirable (e.,g. 
startx as root).

2) Is there a way to automount?  Like when I put in a CD or attach my USB 
drive.. as they have the same command each time.

3) Is it possible to have the command prompt tell you what directory you are 
in before the symbol?

Like /usr/home/whoever# cd music

4) Is there a way in XFCE to create a launcher for OpenOffice?  I understand 
it needs to be run with ./soffice but this doesn't work even tho I have 
added the directory to my PATH

Thanks for the advice...

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