installing mysql-phpmyadmin-apache-php

Jonathan Arnold jdarnold at
Wed Apr 28 06:19:04 PDT 2004

>>>Setting the following in /etc/make.conf will make your system default
>>>to apache2 and mysql-5:
>>>   APACHE_PORT=    www/apache2
>>>   WITH_APACHE2=   yes
>>>   WANT_MYSQL_VER= 50
>>Interesting note. Is there a way to figure this out? Is there a generic
>>way to specify a newer version is okay? What is a "dependency chain" and
>>how does one find it?
> Figuring out what flags you can use to affect compilation of ports is
> usually a matter of grovelling through Makefiles -- the flags are
> pretty obvious: anything starting WITH_ or WITHOUT_ or WANT_ should be
> a user-tunable.  Anything listed in an OPTIONS variable similarly.
> Stuff starting USE_ is not.

Thanks for the very complete description of this stuff. I did look around
in the Makefile for phpMyAdmin, but didn't see anything related to
Apache & MySQL. But I suppose if I went further and checked the Makefile
for PHP, that is where I would find those defines.

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