Email antivirus scanner

Santhosh Joseph santhosh at
Tue Apr 27 20:46:35 PDT 2004

Check out  clam antivirus (

Read the f-prot licence carefully, as far as i know f-prot is free only 
for personal use

Good Luck !

Mike Maltese wrote:

>>Recently I installed Postfix mail server on my FreeBSD gateway . I want to
>>use an email antivirus scanner to prevent my users from bad attachments .
>>I would like to know is there any free solution to
>>Postfix+email_scanner+antivirus_program ? I know that DrWeb antivirus
>>suite from the ports works with Postfix but I must use a licensed version
>>. On the other hand F-Prot is completely free so its just a matter of
>>finding an appropriate email scanner
>I use Postfix+amavisd-new+F-Prot. Works great!
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