Connecting to the internet

Jason Parker new90 at
Tue Apr 27 20:06:01 PDT 2004

Hi, I am building a server as a learning experience (for now at least).  
I am using a SOYO SY-K7VME motherboard which has a built in ethernet 
port (sysinstall identifies the ethernet port as VIA Rhine, which I 
believe the default install supports), and am behind a Linksys BEFW11S4 
wireless router. The server is connected to the switch on the back of 
the router via an ethernet cable. Because I was having trouble 
installing FreeBSD using the FTP downloads, I bought a "Teach Yourself 
FreeBSD" book with an installation CD for 4.7.  So, when I install 
FreeBSD I am asked to browse the package collection, which I do, and 
choose the links browser, the lynx browser, and the bash shell. When I 
reboot and run either of the browsers I get a message saying "Host not 
found."  To ensure there was nothing wrong with my motherboard, I 
installed Linux Fedora over FreeBSD, and had no problems connecting.  I 
also called my ISP and asked for the Host and Domain, which they told me 
they don't use, and suggested I leave the space blank, which sysinstall 
won't let me do.  I do have a domain name but it is currently hosted on 
a shared server so I don't believe (?) I should be entering it here.
So, can anyone help or offer some direction?  Why can't I connect to the 
internet?  Thanks.

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