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Roland Wells freebsd at
Tue Apr 27 19:18:36 PDT 2004

I am not sure what to make out of the info scrolling on my screen. I
installed bsd and wanted to install all the ports to sort through them
latter and remove any once I got a look at them, so from root I typed

cd /usr/ports
make install


Doing the above will attempt to download, make and install every port in
the ports collection...(if I am not mistaken.)

The ports collection is a collection of over 10,000 applications, you
probably do not want to install them all!!

So, if you would like to install a specific port, change to that
directory and then do make install, ie, if I would like to install the
apache 1.3 webserver:

# cd /usr/ports/www/apache13
# make install clean

This will download the sources, compile and install the apache webserver
(as well as any dependencies that I do not already have.)

As far as looking for specific ports, use the webpage:

Or on your box:

# cd /usr/ports
# make search name=insert_name_of_port_here
# make search key=insert_port_keyword_here

As a general point, the handbook on is an invaluable
resource for people new to FreeBSD (like me) and covers most things you
will run into.

Good luck,

Roland Wells

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