DHCP Server

Andrew L. Gould algould at datawok.com
Tue Apr 27 12:59:32 PDT 2004

On Tuesday 27 April 2004 02:53 pm, Kory Hamzeh wrote:
> I'm running 4.3-RELEASE and I need to add support for DHCP Clients on
> our networks. I looked through the ports list and got very confused.
> All I need to do is to be able to hand out up to a dozen IP addresses
> to client PC's on our LAN. What is the simplest way of achieving
> this?
> Thanks,
> Kory

Install and configure the dhcp server at:

I haven't used dhcp in a while; but I recall the configuration file is 
well documented.

Best of luck,

Andrew Gould

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