Nvidia drivers

David Bonthron dtb at mmepc1098.leeds.ac.uk
Tue Apr 27 11:34:23 PDT 2004

> I have the nvidia-drivers port installed on my system and configured.
> Everything works except when I reboot the system I have to re-run
> kldload nvidia before I can startx successfully. I have the following in
> /boot/loader.conf
> agp_load="YES"
> nvidia_load="YES"
> and I get the following in dmesg | grep nvidia
> Preloaded elf module "nvidia.ko" at 0xc076427c.
> nvidia0: <GeForce2 GTS/GeForce2 Pro> mem
> 0xf0000000-0xf7ffffff,0xe9000000-0xe9ffffff irq 11 at device 0.0 on pci1
> nvidia: agp_find_device failed, chipset unsupported?

I _think_ you have to load the linux compatibility module before the
nvidia. My own desktop system (4.9-stable) has this in /boot/loader.conf


Apologies if I remember wrong here - it's a while since I set this up.


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