Big hard disks?

Charles Swiger cswiger at
Tue Apr 27 11:25:03 PDT 2004

On Apr 27, 2004, at 11:52 AM, The Thodes wrote:
> Does FreeBSD support using large hard disks on a machine which does 
> not have
> large hard drive support?  The machine is an AT&T Globalyst 515 
> (486DX4/100,
> 24MB RAM, <500MB stock hard drive) and the drive is a Seagate ST38421A
> (8455MB U2).

FreeBSD supports large hard drives, yes, but the problem is that your 
BIOS may not be able to boot from the drive.  I once had a machine like 
that which I hadta bootstrap from floppies each time I rebooted it, 
which was a pain but tolerable for a server that stays up continuously.

See whether you can find a BIOS upgrade for your system...


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