ipf not loging (5.2.1)

Julien Gabel jpeg at thilelli.net
Tue Apr 27 07:29:44 PDT 2004

>> The FM could do with updating as it also says:
>>    In order for ipmon to properly work, the kernel option
>>    IPFILTER_LOG must be turned on in your kernel.  Please
>>    see options(4) for more details.
>> There is no IPFILTER_LOG kernel option mentioned in GENERIC
>> or NOTES and there is no options(4) man page (FreeBSD-5.2.1).
> That's true that it's not mentioned in the GENERIC configuration,
> more options are not shown there. And actually i cannot find it... :-)

FYI, it is mentionned in /usr/src/sys/conf/NOTES, not on the architecture
specific place, /usr/src/sys/{arch}/conf/NOTES.

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