Auto-mounting ext2 slices

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Tue Apr 27 04:14:04 PDT 2004

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No, there's also a fsck_ext2fs.  This is necessary for fsck to have
any hope of being able to clean the filesystem automatically (it
doesn't know about weirdly named binaries like e2fsck :-), although
you may need to copy it into /sbin since /usr isn't mounted by the
time fsck runs.

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Right, so I copied fsck_ext2fs (which I had already, in /usr/local/sbin)
to /sbin, and hard-reset the system, but the boot still halts at the
point it tries to mount the ext2 slice. I get a warning that says the
slice is not clean, followed by a 'no permissions' error. The other
oddity is that simply trying 'fsck /dev/ad1s5' doesn't work (it complains
about the magic number being incorrect), although the man page for
fsck_ext2fs suggests that fsck should be able to invoke fsck_ext2fs. Does
this mean the slice has a corrupt superblock?

I also have a follow-up question. Is there a way to mark a slice 'dirty'
without crashing or hard-resetting the OS? It would considerably ease my

Andy Park

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