Suexec with Apache 1.3.29

Mikkel Christensen mikkel at
Mon Apr 26 15:11:10 PDT 2004

On Monday 26 April 2004 21:49, Marty Landman wrote:
> At 05:26 PM 4/26/2004, Mikkel Christensen wrote:
> >But it just never works.
> >Execution of CGI works perfectly. But it keeps running as the www-user.
> Sounds like suexec didn't get compiled into Apache, at least the one you're 
> running.

But in that case apache would complain the the User and Group keyword didn't exits. Just like it does with a non suexec installation.
A webserver without suexec refuses to start if it encounters User or Group in the configuration.

> >httpd-suexec.log shows absolutely nothing.
> More reason to think that suexec isn't running - unless you're looking at 
> the wrong log. There should be stuff like this on there:
> [2004-03-02 16:28:15]: info: (target/actual) uid: (marty/marty) gid: 
> (marty/marty) cmd: test.cgi

Well actually ocasionally this line is written to the suexec-logfile: "alert: too few arguments".
But this always happens with other files that the one I'm actually testing on so to me it's useless.

Are both in use. They work as usually but they don't mention suexec:)

> >Now what do I do? There is no error-output at all so I don't have a clue 
> >of what is wrong.
> Mikkel, is it possible that you've installed Apache more than once w/o 
> totally clearing out the old install? In that case (I say this from 
> somewhat confusing if not bitter experience) then it will be dodgy to know 
> what you're executing, e.g. the logs may not be the active ones, or the 
> apache you're running may not be the one compiled with suexec (my guess is 
> #2 fwiw).

I didn't deinstall the original apache. I made "make install FORCE_PKG_REGISTER=YES".
Looking at the date of my executables /usr/local/bin/apachectl and /usr/local/bin/httpd I can see that they are dated today at compile time.
I've tried to execute dem directly with the full path to make sure. This does not seeme to be the problem.

> Perhaps I shouldn't have even spoken up. Getting suexec running was a royal 
> pain in the butt for me though finally got it done. And after all that... 
> well it's just running, y'know? Will probably feel the same way when I get 
> a reasonable understanding of email.

You should take a look a qmail and vpopmail. This has proven a great sollution to me.


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