DNS question in regards to /etc/resolv.conf

Gary gv-list-freebsdquestions at mygirlfriday.info
Mon Apr 26 12:37:58 PDT 2004

Hi there Brandon,

I lost Bill's original message, so if you don't mind, I will tag this
response on to yours <g>

Monday, April 26, 2004, 2:24:38 PM, you wrote:

>> Will you need to host your own DNS _server_?  If so, then the answer is
>> much more complicated.
B> if he's using dynamic dns, i'm assuming he has a dynamic IP.  In which
B> case it would be a bit difficult to have his own dns.

B> I suppose he _could_ have dnsdns/godaddy point to his dns server, and
B> then have that resolve his ip... but that's kind of pointless.

 There is one other very important piece of info needed, that Bill needs
 to get, before all of this. He has to make sure Verizon does not block
 ports 25, 80, and 53, so he can use a mail/web/DNS server to begin with.


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