Items missing from the handbook and/or FAQs.

Joe Rhett jrhett at
Mon Apr 26 09:13:00 PDT 2004

> > Naturally, I can browse the freebsd website while I'm partitioning the
> > disk... makes sense to me.
> Well I think, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this case, an installation
> documentation must be read/printed before installation.
> Another thing, sysinstall comes with an help, and you can read it from
> sysinstall.  For example I let you read /stand/help/partition.hlp
If there was a way to read this during the installation, I couldn't
figure it out.  Maybe I'm dumb, but...

> > Now how about the real question I raised, which is integrated
> > documentation?  An option to see a list of disk types...?
> By default you are given the FreeBSD type, well FreeBSD installation
> system aims the installation of FreeBSD, I mean people hardly need to
> create DOS, or other filesystem slices during FreeBSD installation.
On a laptop it would be nice to create the suspend partition...

> > man faith returns information on what it is, with nothing at all about
> > how to enable or disable it.
> Well, let's stop this talk...
> Anyway I'm waiting for your doc PRs, you could even add a Cc to me.
Just out of curiosity, why would it make sense for me to submit PRs? 

1. I don't know enough about the submission guidelines and style issues
to submit relevant work.  Yes, they are posted.  And yet I know enough
from working on other open source projects that submissions will be
tightly controlled by people with unwritten desires.  So it'll take me a
few back and forths to make submissions that will be accepted, and...

2. There are project leaders for each component here, right?  Something
that would take me a full working day to figure out, would take them less
than 10 minutes.

Frankly, this sort of "we'll ignore your complaints but accept your
patches" approach is generally just a way to ignore problems.  I've dealt
with it too many times before to not recognize it. 

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