portupgrade dependency problem

Petre Bandac g38 at rdsbv.ro
Mon Apr 26 05:35:56 PDT 2004

whatever port uses this libraries cannot be portupgraded (I tried to deinstall 
the two mentioned ports and then install the XFree libraries, but I get stuck 
in the same problem)

should  I deinstall it and intall the latest version as a package ? (and if 
yes, where from can I get the tbz file ?)



===>  Installing for XFree86-libraries-4.3.0_7

===>  XFree86-libraries-4.3.0_7 conflicts with installed package(s): 
      They install files into the same place.
      Please remove them first with pkg_delete(1).
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/x11/XFree86-4-libraries.
*** Error code 1

 3:33PM  up 137 days,  7:07, 2 users, load averages: 0.02, 0.06, 0.06

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