Garbage collection of installed packages

Jari Kirma kirma at
Mon Apr 26 04:14:20 PDT 2004

I have been observing how over long time, fbsd systems tend to gain
packages that have been installed as a dependency of some other package,
but later the original dependency leading to their installation has either
changed to something else or disappeared completely, leaving package
that's never explicitly installed nor required by any other package. So,
my question is, is there an easy way to recognise these "garbage"

Only obvious way to do this, at least that I've thought of, would be to
have "explicitly required" flag in the package, or a dependency on a
special package which would contain all potentially top-level packages.
Problem with this, and all scenarios is that packages that would have
installed as "explicitly requred" (not as a dependency of some other
package) can be used, for instance by developers, without flagging them
explicitly required after all. Anyway, a suggestion more informed hint
about which installed packages are actually garbage, would be nice. (In
above scenario, such packages would be ones without explicitly required
flag and without any other packages requiring them.)


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