Auto-mounting ext2 slices

andy_park at andy_park at
Sun Apr 25 17:27:22 PDT 2004

Hi, I have recently installed FreeBSD 4.9 on my fileserver to replace 
RH9, and have put my ext2 slice in /etc/fstab so they mount on bootup. 
The entry on /etc/fstab is as follows:

/dev/ad1s5              /mnt/data2      ext2fs  rw              0       

However I recently experienced a blackout, and on the next boot, ext2 
slice, marked 'dirty', wasn't fsck'ed automatically, preventing the 
normal boot process from finishing. Is this normal behaviour? If so, 
how would one set up an ext2 slice to auto-mount on bootup, and fsck 
itself if marked dirty so it continues to mount as rw?

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