Regarding "Problems with 5.2.1 Release"

Matt Anderson emattman at
Sun Apr 25 15:22:20 PDT 2004

Hello again everyone!

Thanks to all that responded.  

Here is where it stands.

1.  The bootmanager issue is still an issue but I can work around it.

2.  As for the sound card.  I tried the kldload snd_driver and it forced a 
reboot of my machine.  Ah...  Ok.  I remembered that I had turned off "Plug N 
Play OS" in my BIOS.  I turned that back on and rebooted.  kldload snd_driver 
then ran just fine.  But, no sound in KDE or Gnome.

I'm trying the custom kernal again now.  The other thing I should mention is 
that this computer has a funky internal modem with built in sound AND a 
soundblaster type card.  

I think that may be confusing things.  As I'm networked and my iMac is the one 
actually dialing out, I think I'll just remove the modem from this machine 
and see where it goes from there.

Thanks again!

Matt Anderson

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