comparison to solaris9

Joshua Lokken joshua at
Sun Apr 25 13:38:04 PDT 2004

* Lucas Holt <luke at> [2004-04-25 12:56]:

> >I had never seen the nickname 'Slowlaris' before that, but I came to
> >appreciate it ;)
> Solaris advocates used to say that it was slow on uniprocessor systems. 
>  I think freebsd 5.2.1 through that out the window.  (because of SMP 
> kernels)
> I haven't used solaris 9 x86, but i have seen *bsd vs solaris 7 and 8 
> on x86 hardware.  Solaris is a tad bit slow.  In fact, its not just 
> ia32 hardware.  I had an old sparc that came with solaris and i put 
> NetBSD on it.  NetBSD was easily twice as fast.  (not sparc64)  It was 

I have had the same experience there, too, with an SS5.  It runs Solaris
*very* slowly, but with NetBSD (which it's running now) it's a nice
little desktop machine (if only I could get X to display in more than
8-bit color depth.) 


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