Problems with 5.2.1 Release

Shantanoo freebsd at
Sun Apr 25 10:52:53 PDT 2004

+++ Matt Anderson [freebsd] [24-04-04 20:50 -0700]:
| Hello everyone,
| I've got an older computer.  PIII 450.  Riva TNT 2 video.  Plenty of
| RAM.
| Couple of issues.  First, let me say that I've been using FreeBSD off
| and on since version 3.
| 2.  I WAS having a problem with the machine freezing every time I
| started X.  I read in the erata about the ACIP problems and got around
| that.  However, when I created a "custom" kernel, and all I did was add
| the pcm driver so I could have sound, the machine freezes on boot while
| accessing the ethernet card.  3Com card that works fine with the Generic
| kernel.  That has me completely stumped.

remove 'device pcm'
instead try

kldload snd_driver

| Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I did not have the same sort of
| problems with this machine with 5.1 release or any of the 4.x series.
| Thanks!
| Matt Anderson
| ------------------------------

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