Open Office - installation problem

Stephen Liu satimis at
Sun Apr 25 06:37:36 PDT 2004

Hi Matthew,

Tks for your advice.
> > Can I use 'zxvf' to untar the packages and do
> 'setup'
> > to install OOo, the normal way not FreeBSD way?  
> No -- in this case the files being referred to are
> in fact FreeBSD
> pkg's.  You can certainly extract the contents using
> 'tar -zxvf', but
> it won't do you a great deal of good.  This isn't
> like the OO packages
> for other OSes, where you unpack a tar-ball and run
> an included shell
> script to copy everything into the appropriate
> locations.  The FreeBSD
> pkg_add(1) program handles all that uncompressing,
> untarring and
> copying things completely automatically, as well as
> doing some
> additional stuff like registering the package in
> /var/db/pkgs

Noted with thanks.  I also want to install OOo 1.1.1
following FreeBSD way.

I'm expecting a reply from Joshua or other folks to my
posting whether I can stop running 'make clean' the
ports trees in the mid-way.  In doing so it won't
damage the OS.  After clarification I shall install
'automake' first. then install/upgrade to
'ORBit-0.5.17_2' and then install OOo 1.1.1
> > Is it necessary to remove OOo-1.1 first which I
> > re-setup temperarily to work.
> You might be able to get away with having both
> OpenOffice-1.1 and
> OpenOffice-1.1.1 installed simultaneously, as they
> both install to
> separate subdirs of /usr/local.  However, apart from
> using up huge
> amounts of disk space, I don't see that's going to
> do a great deal for you.

The reason for my question is 'I want to have OOo1.1.1
running smoothly first before erasing OOo 1.1.0"

> OpenOffice-1.1.1 release is available via ports --
> but apparently not
> yet as a precompiled package from
> or the usual FreeBSD FTP sites.
> You can compile it yourself, but be warned: it's
> huge, has quite a
> long dependency list and takes geological ages to
> compile.  Not for
> the faint hearted or those without a powerful
> machine.

It is really my problem.  I am running FreeBSD on a
slow machine.  I try to avoid installing packages from
source code


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