Open Office - installation problem

Stephen Liu satimis at
Sun Apr 25 05:32:38 PDT 2004

- snip -
> > No. It's a package, and it's *not* a tgz file.
> Errr... folks -- packages *are* .tgz files.  Except
> under 5.x where
> they are .tbz files.  They could just as well be
> .zip files, or some
> sort of compressed cpio format like .rpms or Solaris
> packages.  It's
> just a mechanism for gathering a bunch of files and
> directories
> together into a single container for easy download. 
> And the
> compression is just so that the maximum number of
> packages can be
> fitted into the space available.

Hi Matthew,

Can I use 'zxvf' to untar the packages and do 'setup'
to install OOo, the normal way not FreeBSD way?  

Is it necessary to remove OOo-1.1 first which I
re-setup temperarily to work.



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