X in FreeBSD needs Linux-start

Thorsten von Plotho-Kettner thorsten at mandrakeuser.de
Sun Apr 25 00:13:35 PDT 2004


a funny thing I mention: My FreeBSD-Box (first 4.9, now 5.2.1) boots up to the login-prompt. Then, after typing ´startx´ (default=waimea) nothing is going on, the HD´s LED is blinking and then the machine is sleeping until I press strg+c. If I want to start xfce4 by typing ´startxfce4´, all is done, but the net-services in xfce4 are sleeping aswell.

No, the wonder in my story, if I start Mandrake-Linux first, reboot the box and start FreeBSD again, all things are wonderful and I can login to X (waimea) and do my daily work.

This is not the way I want to go in nearest future, I want to check out the failure and workaround it. Google had no informations for me, so I have to ask here.

Thanks and regards,


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