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Joshua Lokken joshua at
Sat Apr 24 16:39:45 PDT 2004

* Tsu-Fan Cheng <tscheng at> [2004-04-24 16:35]:
> Hi bsder,
>    I just changed a new m/board and found my mouse went crazy, it's out of
> control most of the time and tends to stay in one corner and "shakes"
> itself. it is a generic PS/2 mouse, 2 buttons, no special something, no
> scroller, no nothing. i tried to change "Protocol" in my XF86Config, tried
> "PS/2" "auto" "SysMouse" "IntelliMouse", up to now only "SysMouse" works,
> by work, I mean I sort of can control it when I try very hard. other
> protocols make some pull-down menu automatically showed up and blink, I
> use xfce4 as my x-win. my graphic is Savage chip. my mouse is driving me
> crazy, HHEEEELLLPPPPPP!!! (m/board is ECS L7VMM3).
Section "InputDevice"

    Identifier                  "Mouse1"
    Driver                      "mouse"
    Option "Protocol"           "Auto"
    Option "Device"             "/dev/sysmouse"


in XF86Config really should do it for you, if not, post what you've got,
and check /var/log/XFree86.0.log for any clues to what the specific
problem may be.


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