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Sat Apr 24 14:39:06 PDT 2004

Am Samstag, 24. April 2004 03:51 schrieb Marc G. Fournier:
> I'm looking at picking up the following:
> Intel Technology Server
> Chassis Intel SC1300 1U Rack
> MainBoard: Intel SE7501WV2SCSI
> Ram memory: 4 x 1 GB
> Processor: 2  x  Xeon 3.06 Ghz
> Discos Duros: 3x Seagate ST336607KLC
> Intel: SRCZR
> CD-ROM: 52x
> Floppy: 3.5"
> Monitor, Mouse & Keyboard: Not Included
> Now, I've been hearing alot of how AMD tends to perform better, but I have
> zero experience with AMD ... I'm curious as to what those with experience
> with AMD would be considered:
> 	1. equivalent in power to the Xeon 3.06Ghz
> 	2. a rackmount/motherboard they would recommend for a server

I just can tell you that AMD has proofen their reliability in a lot of server 
environments of my friends and since everything after 
coppermine/tualatin/M/dothan... INTELs do consume at least the same power and 
with the northwood core much more power than performance equivalent AMDs.
So in my opinion these are all ineligible for servers but that's another 
I'd take the AMD and reinvest the saved money in very good coolers
And of corse there is the bright new 64-bit world......
No long-term behaviour nor productive environment experiences but I only hear 
positive stories...


> Thanks ...
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