Open Office - installation problem

Joshua Lokken joshua at
Sat Apr 24 10:49:41 PDT 2004

* Terry L. Tyson Jr. <ty at> [2004-04-24 08:32]:
> On Sat, Apr 24, 2004 at 08:27:28PM +0800, Stephen Liu wrote:
> > Hi folks,
> > 
> > FreeBSD 5.2
> > 
> > I encountered following problem on installing OOo
> > 
> > OOo_1.1.1.RC3_FreeBSD52Intel_install.tbz
> > was download to /usr/home/user/Download
> It's not a package, it's a tgz file. Use "tar xzvf file.tgz". Go to the
> OO site and read the install instructions, there are other things you

No. It's a package, and it's *not* a tgz file.  But yes, you do need to
go do some reading, and there very likely are other things you will need
to do.  As a previous responder noted, when you 'su -' it simulates a
full root login, which puts you in root's home dir.  I note that you
said when you attempted to correctly add the pkg, it hung.  It's big.
Use the pkg_add command, perhaps with -v so you can see what's
happening, and install the darned thing.


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OJ! Morphine! Lobo!
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