UTF-8 on 5.2.1

Sebastian Kutsch freebsd-questions at gmx.de
Sat Apr 24 05:19:52 PDT 2004


I wanted to use UTF-8 encoding on my 5.2.1 machine. I installed
misc/utf8local and set LC-CTYPE in ~/.login to de_DE.UTF-8. In the
shell I did choose the iso15-8x16.fnt fonte, because I didn't finde a
fonte with UFT-8.
When using the shell everything works fine (as far as I have tested it).
But if I change to X I encounter problems. I.E. when I'm using rox-filer
or nautilus files/directorys with non-ASCI-charakters in their
name created in the shell show up with the note "not valid UTF-8". The
other way around I get the same result.
Where is the Problem? What did I do wrong?



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