fsck: cannot find inode X

Todd Meister todd at lmi.net
Fri Apr 23 06:29:21 PDT 2004


Tonight, a server crashed and, when it came up, required a manual fsck.  
Normally, this is not a big deal, especially on our customer web servers, 
where there isn't much "real" activity at the time the server crashed 
(~5:00am).  This time, though, I saw this error for the first time, while 
running fsck on /dev/rccd0c (mounted normally as /usr/home):

  fsck: cannot find inode 71683

I searched around a bit for the error, and didn't find a whole lot, and 
nothing that solved the problem.  I remembered the fsdb utility, and ran 
it, like so:

  fsdb /dev/rccd0c

which put me in interactive mode.  I poked around a bit, hoping I'd be 
smarter than fsck, and would find the inode on my own.  Turns out, fsck 
was right - I couldn't find the inode.  Not knowing of a better way (any 
suggestions are welcome, of course), I cleared the inode:

  clri 71683

I was then able to successfully complete a fsck on that partition, and the 
server booted with no problems (so far).

I'm writing this mainly so that it'll go into the archives, and hopefully 
help someone else out later.

I'm no longer on the freebsd-questions list (too much traffic for my poor 
brane), so CC me on replies, if you want to.


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