handbook - kernel build question

Terry L. Tyson Jr. ty at tyson.homeunix.org
Fri Apr 23 06:16:30 PDT 2004

In section 9.3 of the handbook just before the two procedures it lists
"If you are building a new kernel without updating the source code
(perhaps just to add a new option, such as IPFIREWALL) you can use
either procedure."

However, after the two procedures it says "If you have not upgraded
your source tree in any way (you have not run CVsup, CTM, or used
anoncvs), then you should use the config, make depend, make, make
install sequence." which is procedure 1.

This seems contradictory to me. Also, I have not upgraded anything on
this particular box, used procedure 2 and all seems well.

Have I missed something here? Are the words update and upgrade the
same thing here or are they different?



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