MIDI (and audio) on freeBSD

Pierluigi Adami pierluigi_adami at telespazio.it
Fri Apr 23 01:46:22 PDT 2004

MIDI support on freeBSD. I know it's a quite common question, sorry for 
not being able to solve it by myself, but I read tons of Google's pages 
with poor results.
I've just installed freeBSD 5.2 on a quite old laptop (Pentium II, audio 
card Yamaha DS-XG). It works fine for most stuff but the midi.
first question:
After some troubles, and a Kernel recompilation with the option "device 
pcm", I found in /dev directory lots of devices related to sound. KDE 
still does not sound at all: it looks for a /dev/dsp device that does 
not exists; a /dev/dsp0.0 exists instead, but I haven't found the way to 
instruct KDE to load the right device.
second question:
MIDI is not loaded at all. Is there any other module to put in the 
Kernel config file? Should I add some specific lines to /boot/load.conf?
Thank you all fo supporting me.
Pierluigi Adami
pierluigi_adami at telespazio.it

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