How to repair a system?

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Fri Apr 23 01:02:59 PDT 2004

On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 09:27:04AM +0200, Daan Hoogland wrote:

> I have a system on which make buildworld won't work. I am thinking of 
> doing a binary install on the system, but my only access to the system 
> is ssh. So I am thinking of copying an image over and running 
> sysinstall to install a new set of binaries and libraries.

I would strongly advise you not to attempt doing something like this
remotely over ssh(1).  Chances are what will happen is the machine
will crash and end up in an unbootable state.

In order to upgrade a system you really have to have access to the
system console.  That means either you have to be right in front of
the machine, or you have to use a serial console either with a console
server or by connecting it via a null-modem cable to a nearby machine.
> Can this be done?

Probably not.  

> Is it the way to go?

Not if your job or your company depends on it.  Not unless you enjoy pain.

> What image should I use?

Well, the choice at the moment would seem to be 4.9-RELEASE, 4.10-RC1
or 5.2.1-RELEASE.  If you can wait for a few weeks, 4.10-RELEASE will
be available.  That is what I'd go for first on a machine being used
as a serious server.  However, 5.2.1-RELEASE while still a developer
preview is getting well on the way towards stability.  You might need
it if you have hardware unsupported under 4.x.

> (Where to find sysinstall on it?)

Under 4.x it's in /stand/sysinstall

Under 5.x it's in /usr/sbin/sysinstall



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