Home server upgrade 4.9 -> 5.2.1, drop in hard disk or network performance?

Markie mark.cullen at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Apr 22 14:47:21 PDT 2004

Hello everyone!

I just upgraded my home server frmo 4.9-R-p3 to 5.2.1-R after having a few
problems with modems and random hard lockups(?).

Well, first off the upgrade didn't solve this and I can still reliably make
the box freeze with a new modem I bought which I hoped would cure the
problem... when infact it's 10x worse with that modem :o) Has anyone got
any ideas as to what could be causing this? The network card for the
internal side is an fxp card and the network card the modem is attached to
is an older 10megabit vx card (3com Etherlink III).

I can't really think of any other information to provide right now but I
really would be grateful for some prompting of more info and a bit of help!
My last few emails to questions about the hard lock ups didn't get any
replies if I remember rightly :o)

Aside from that, I just copied a 400 meg file over samba and it really did
seem incredibly slow compared to when it was running 4.9. It took agessssss
to untar the backup 1.5gig file too! Is there anything I am supposed to
tweak here?
I am thinking about just reinstalling 4.9 again but I would like to avoid
that if I can, as it would be alot of time wasted :o) I don't have any
numbers for this unfortuantly either, it just feels and seems a hell of
alot slower! For instance, when I was copying this file and tried to ssh in
from my windows machine it just sat there for ages doing (apparently)


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