Matrox "mga_hal" driver in 5.2.1?

Streiner, Justin streiner at
Thu Apr 22 08:29:11 PDT 2004

Has anyone gotten the mga_hal code to compile cleanly under freebsd
5.2.1/i386?  I downloaded the 'nix distribution for that, as well as the
source for their powerdesk utility from the Matrox website, but haven't
had much luck getting the drivers to compile.

The driver distribution doesn't include an autoconf utility, so I suspect
it may come down to extensive surgery on the Makefile to get it to look
for required headers and libraries in the right places.  I don't know if
the powerdesk distribution is more polished or not - haven't seen a reason
to mess with it until I get the drivers built...

If anyone has specific familiarity with this driver set, please let me
know.  The card I'm using is a Matrox G450 PCI and I'm trying to get the
HAL functionality working so I can do dualhead and/or TV output.


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