IMAP server and client recommendations?

Dick Davies rasputnik at
Thu Apr 22 06:51:50 PDT 2004

* Danny MacMillan <flowers at> [0423 05:23]:
> Hello.
> I have six or seven hundred megabytes of email imprisoned in a few .pst 
> (Microsoft Outlook "Personal Folders") files.  I've been looking for an 
> alternative email client lately.  Of course, the issue is converting these 
> old messages so that they are usable by the new software -- ideally so 
> that multiple clients could access the mail.  The thought that immediately 
> occurred to me was that one of the standard Unix formats -- mbox or 
> maildir -- would be appropriate for this task.
> After scouring the internet for possibilities for converting between the 
> hated .pst format and mbox or Maildir, I found a few people who'd 
> seemingly hit upon an ideal solution:  add an IMAP folder to Outlook and 
> copy their mail to that folder, then do the reverse inside a client that 
> stores its mail in mbox or maildir format.  Then it struck me -- =leaving= 
> the mail in the IMAP server would give me even more flexibility.

I use cyrus with  - mozilla, mutt, outlook express, squirrelmail, thunderbird
osx and zaurus clients - it's great.

Add an LDOP address book and use sieve instead of the evil thet is Procmail
and you have a single point of failure^W control for all your maily needs....

(Mail is again 1 per file, but you don't usually access it direct. That's a 
Good Thing IMO, a Maildir in my home directory is too breakable...)

Courier didn't scale for me, dovecot wasn't configurable enough.
Cyrus is a bit more complex, but behaves itself and performs very well.
Lots of howtos, try a few and see what you like. 

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