IMAP server and client recommendations?

Frank Bonnet bonnetf at
Thu Apr 22 00:48:00 PDT 2004

Danny MacMillan a écrit :

> Is it feasible to use the IMAP server as a mail storage solution like 
> this?  Can anyone recommend a good IMAP server (for FreeBSD of course) 
> and give me some tips on considerations for choosing one?  I blush to 
> say it, but I've never even had an IMAP account.
> Thanks in advance.
Hello Danny

I administer the mailhub of our site (
we use UW imap server for all of our 2500 users.
We are an engineers school in electronics and have about
2000 students that use different machines/OS inside the school.

The machine is a COMPAQ Proliant 360 with 2.5 Gb RAM
and _a lot_ of disk space.

The main advantage of imap is the emails stay on the server
and every user can access its mailboxes from anywhere and
find the same "environnement" when accessing from different

The main problem is disk space if you have many users
but thoses days harddisks are cheap.

Also think to a method to bachup mailboxes.

We also use an old webmail that access emails thru IMAP.

Speaking about formats mbox or maildir

For historical reasons we use mbox but if I have to
build a new Imap server I think I'll choose maildir
which is slower to access but more safe "one file per email"
this is of course a personnal thought.

Hope this helps
Frank Bonnet

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