Newbie:Home network mail forwarding

Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at
Wed Apr 21 20:59:45 PDT 2004

Peter Tokanel wrote:

> Hi,
>  I am new to unix but I have managed to setup a home network using  
> Free BSD. The
> FreeBSD box is a gateway/firewall/router for my Windows XP box and a 
> wireless access
> point. The XP box can access the web just great using the shared 
> connection.
>  My problem is when email is used on the WindowsXP box , no messages 
> can be
> sent out. I can receive email from my ISP's pop-server just fine. I am 
> not sure if I need
> to start some kind of mail daemon or what???? Is it my firewall 
> configuration????
>  I have included some of my setup files, hopefully someone can tell me 
> what I am doing
> wrong. Thanks in advance......

"I'm not a Unix developer, and" *don't* "play one on TV".
I do run a firewall, though.  My $0.02 :

If you're using the default /etc/rc.firewall in "simple"
configuration, you don't have a firewall rule to allow
outbound connections to an SMTP server (Tcp port

Try issuing the following as the superuser on your
FBSD box:

$ipfw add 00023 allow tcp from me to any 25 setup

      and then see what happens from the Windows
machine.  Please note that "00023" is an arbitrary
choice of rule numbers; you will want this rule fairly
close to the top.  You might do "ipfw show" and decide
where the rule should fit before deciding what number
to assign... <?>


Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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