anyone using vmware to run freebsd

Mark admin at
Wed Apr 21 18:49:20 PDT 2004

David Bear wrote:

> i did a quick search of the web site and there was mention of using
> vmware to launch other os's from bsd, but is anyone using some other
> os to host vmware and then launch freebsd?

I use Vmware (both Workstation 4.5 and GSX server 3.0), on Win XP, 2003
server, respectively, to run shadow versions of my real server (FreeBSD
4.9R). It runs extremely well. So well even, that I am even considering
running it under Vmware permanently, so I can let Win XP/2003 use the SATA
raid, whilst the Vmware box is blissfully unaware of this. :)

I did some tests, recently; CPU is equally fast (surprisingly). Memory
operations are about 3x as slow on the Vmware box, though. I guess this is
where the extra paging comes in (because of the virtualization). All in all,
though, Vmware runs flawlessly.

I tried GSX server 2.5 first; it was, pardon my French, crappy (quite
buggy). Workstation 4.5 is excellent code; and the new GSX server 3.0 is new
code too, and works equally well. Mind you, these are just my personal


- Mark

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